Places to Stay in the June Lake Loop

The Haven - Cabin style units downtown on Knoll Avenue, near June Lake. Features Spa and Deck with view, Courtyard with Barbecue area.

The Four Seasons - Lovely A-Frame cabins near Fern Creek, at the foot of the mountains bordering on National Forest, right across the street from Carson Peak Inn restaurant. Open April through October only.

Gull Lake Lodge - In the Village near Gull Lake Marina, the Park, and the June Lake Community Center and Library, the Gull Lake Lodge is a motel featuring all Suites with Kitchens.

The Knoll Haus - The Knoll Haus is a single Vacation House rental unit, located conveniently In the June Lake Village on Knoll Avenue.

Reverse Creek Lodge - The Reverse Creek Lodge is located along Reversed Creek in the Petersen Tract area, featuring A-frames, Motel units, and secluded Cabins in a quiet neighborhood near the Fern Creek Store.

Lake Front Cabins - Situated around a relaxing courtyard, on Brenner Street closest to June Lake and the June Lake Marina.

June Lake Villager - Rooms, cabins, and home-style units located downtown in the Village at the main intersection of Boulder Drive and Knoll Avenue.


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